Incident Response 911

The Network Intelligence Incident Response 911 Emergency Service

1. We Take Control.

We show up to your site with both Technical and Strategic Advisory I.T. professionals from our team to your location. Then work with you to determine what has happened and where we go from here. We look to get your office up and running as fast as possible while addressing all of the issues that have led to the current situation.

We compile a list of all I.T. devices used to conduct daily operations. Every device that has been connected to the network must be analyzed for compromised hardware, software, and firmware. This list includes, but is not limited to, modems, routers, servers, telephony, and mobile devices.

2. Update, Replace, and/or Reinstall

Internet connectivity devices:

- Address all wireless, broadband, cable, cellular, modems, routers and satellite devices.

Update any out of date firmware versions on such devices assuming the device is not obsolete.

Update obsolete connectivity hardware to the latest and greatest available for that modality of connectivity.

This is important because up to date connectivity hardware software and firmware are the first lines of defense to attacks from outside the network.

Analyze all computers on the network and the servers on the network to determine what type of attack and encryption was used. We then determine what if any data can be salvaged for reuse.

Assess what types of software, both locally and on the server network, would be most beneficial at this point in time given what is now currently available.

Reinstall the latest version of Windows or Mac OS. Reinstall all other needed software for daily business operations.

Reinstall whatever server software is most appropriate given a new needs assessment of the needs for the I.T. environment for the business.

3. Restart, Run, Test

Setup, run and test the new hardware, software, software re installs, and connectivity.

Backups: As part of the needs assessment, back up systems will be installed locally such as a tape back up. We will also set up a redundant cloud back up to insure that your precious business data is not lost in the future.

4. Back To You

You're back in business. Better than before the attack and breach of your network. All of your computers, network hardware, phones, and software are up-to-date and on the most current versions. All deferred maintenance has been taken care of.
Network Intelligence Group can now offer ongoing support, monitoring, and AI-enhanced cybersecurity tools to prevent nearly any possible breach of your network and systems in the future.
You've been breached. Nothing works. You're out-of-business.
One phone call to us will have you up and running as soon as possible.
NETWORK INTELLIGENCE Incident Response 911.