2785 Pacific Coast Highway Suite E, Box 344 Torrance, CA 90505

About Us

Who we are
We are a group of technology deal makers, engineers, and consultants. Our team has deep resources through our partnerships in the fields of internet connectivity, software development, technology distributors, cloud engineers, data privacy experts, cybersecurity professionals, network management specialists, data center executives, attorneys, bankers, and accountants. Our culture is one of the client comes first, attitude is everything and extreme accountability…
Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don’t do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time. -Vince Lombardi
What we do

We leverage the full complement of our collective computer science and IT professional expertise to produce technology based, strategic business outcomes. We perform an assessment of your current situation, then present custom solutions to provide the needed infrastructure to meet strategic objectives. Our cost effective Public, Private and Hybrid cloud based methodology of “any app on any device in any cloud”. Over the years we have acquired expertise in project management, cloud migration and infrastructure implementation to provide smooth execution of your technology road map.

Who we serve

Organizations of all types, Fortune 500 companies, government entities, boards of directors, C suite executives, senior management, mid market, small business owners, visionaries and startups. Life Sciences, SaaS providers, and professional services firms are our vertical market focus.

Our Team

Evan Rees
Lon Mehlman
Jon Udewitz
Senior Corporate Council
Vince Petralia
Major Account Manager at (Fortinet)
Lynz Floren, MBA
Marketing and Business Development Manager (LACBA)


You have the right to a single point of contact. To have us attend to the details of each issue, questions, and requests that you have. We will get the job done right the first time.
You have the right to understand all of your projects costs and fees up front so that there are no surprises later on.
You have a right to privacy protections and control. We understand that we will be working with your highly sensitive data, financial data, credit card data and customer information. We will maintain the highest level of commitment to keep this data secure, encrypted, backed up, and monitored in accordance with cyber- security best practices and appropriate compliance regulations such as CCPA, GDPR, PCI/DSS, HIPAA.
Empowering Experience
You have a right to be treated with the utmost levels of courtesy, responsiveness, integrity, and respect; and to work with you to insure that your relationship with us is a pleasant and empowering experience. We will provide individual attention with prompt, courteous, and efficient service.
You have the right to get answers to your questions in plain English. We will answer your questions in terms that you can understand and work with you to to es- tablish timelines that are mutually agreed to. You can expect clear communication throughout our relationship.
Complete Satisfaction
You have a right to expect complete satisfaction from technical services you receive from STV providers. We will deliver exemplary service, on-time and within budget.