ADA Compliance

Help the impared use your website, protect your firm from being sued.

Network Intelligence group offers an economical, low cost solution to quickly bring your company’s entire website into continuous ADA compliance in a matter of one week. The Network Intelligence Group Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced ADA compliance solution is the only solution that ensures full accessibility compliance at any given time, even on websites that update daily.

The solution was designed by site accessibility experts and attended by lawyers make sure that Network Intelligence Group’s solution does four things:

  1. Provides an effective and real solution for people with different disabilities.
  2. Meets international standards and laws (WCAG 2 - AA level, ADA Section 508 & EN 301549).
  3. Works automatically, thanks to the AI technology, and does not require manual programming.
  4. Stable enough to fully work on any website and on any platform, large or small.

ADA ComplianceHelp the Blind, Colorblind, Motor Impaired, Elderly, and Epileptic use your website without impediment, protect your company from being sued, and do it for a surprisingly low minimal cost. See the solution on our own website by simply clicking on the blue accessibility icon in the lower-left corner of this website.

Current approaches to ADA compliance are costly, resource-intensive, and nearly always not complete. Company websites that undergo a web accessibility project lose their level of compliance as soon as the first, and ongoing, updates deploy.  After only a few months, entire sections of the website become ADA inaccessible and out of compliance.

The reason for this is that websites undergoing accessibility adjustments are often modified or updated. These changes and additions do not undergo accessibility adjustments, which, in turn, create “accessibility gaps” on the website itself.  The more updates and maintenance, the more gaps the website has. Hence, in approximately 6 to 12 months, the site becomes entirely non-compliant. This happens every day on websites that have paid thousands of dollars on projects to be ADA compliant.

The Network Intelligence Group’s AI-enhanced solution doesn't need a human to go through and analyze the website; it utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to do exactly that. These technologies scan, analyze, and decipher your website every 48 hours, thereby assuring you that your site is compliant and accessible at all times, regardless of any updates you may post.

Before, the only way to make a site fully accessible was to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to companies that provide accessibility services and even pay a monthly fee, as any small change on your site must be made accessible again, or your site's accessibility level will fall dramatically. This approach allows a site to be accessible, but the price is simply unrealistic when it starts with thousands of dollars and ends with tens of thousands of dollars. This price is only feasible for a tiny percentage of companies and directly eliminates all small- and medium-sized business owners, because they cannot invest those crazy amounts of money. In the end, those affected by it most are people with disabilities, who can surf a meager percentage of sites at best. Network Intelligence Group’s technological solution works with artificial intelligence, allowing site owners, large or small, to make their site fully accessible at a price that is between a fifth and a tenth (and sometimes even less) of the cost of the manual accessibility project.