Equipment Financing Options

Network Intelligence Group offers convenient monthly payment options for your technology solution.

Cash is king when it comes to running a profitable business. We understand the value of positive cash flow and provide equipment financing options to help you make the most of your budget.

Technology is changing rapidly. Look no further than your pocket for evidence. Remember the first cell phone you had? Financing provides an easy, repeatable path to technology refreshes that keep your business efficient, safe and growing.

Benefits of Hardware as a Service

  • Cash Flow: No large outflow of cash required for your technology purchase.
  • Better ROI on Cash: Use your cash to invest in areas that will add value back into your business.
  • Budget-Friendly: Fixed monthly lease payments make budgeting easy.
  • Technology Refreshes: Create a path to easily keep technology updated.
  • Total Financing: Finance your entire acquisition including hardware, software, installation and training.

Hardware as a Service

A single monthly fee for the technology solution including the ongoing service.

  • One invoice for all technology
  • Refresh and upgrade plan
  • Easily budget with a fixed payment
  • Uses an operating budget, and preserves the large capital expense

“Thanks to monthly payments, we are able to keep our technology updated without having a large amount due at once, which would make updating almost impossible for our cash flow.” – Owner at a small education business

Get the technology solution you need today, and leverage our financing options to maximize your return on investment.