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Is Your Law Firm's Network Secure from Cyber Threats, Hacks, and Ransomware?

Ransomware attacks are hitting companies large and small everywhere, and everyone is vulnerable. The FBI has reported that law firms are often viewed as "one-stop shops" for attackers. Law firms hold sensitive data on multiple clients, and the number of attacks on law firms is increasing.  Something as simple as a lost laptop or clicking on a link in a “routine” email message can put your law firm and clients at severe risk of a significant loss to even the possibility of going out of business.

In addition to the severe business disruption, your firm is at risk for fines from the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

California based law firms must comply with the CCPA’s provisions that will require companies to determine what personal data they are collecting from individuals and clients, and for what purposes, disclose if their personal information is sold,  and the right to opt-out of the sale, and protect personal information from cyber hacks and public disclosure.

By following NIG’s six-step methodology, NIG will make sure your firm is compliant with the CCPA and provide and file and certification showing that your firm has taken all appropriate steps toward full compliance. The certificate proves that you have done this work. If a client claims that their data was stolen, the state attorney general could investigate your cybersecurity measures, and NIG will be able to demonstrate the steps you have taken to secure your data.

Network Intelligence Group (NIG) can quickly assess, correct, and protect your network from virtually all cyber threats, including:

  • Phishing
  • Spear phishing
  • Attacks on the network
  • Infected devices
  • Internet of Things (IoT) vulnerabilities
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Malware

Don't put your Law firm or your client’s data at risk.

NIG will take immediate action to evaluate your firm’s network, identify the cyber threat vulnerabilities, minimize your cyber threat attack surface and secure your data following a proven six-step methodology.  Give NIG a call now and/or click here to learn more.

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How We Do It!

Our on-site implementation team will execute the following:


This is an evaluation of all your organization’s IT hardware, software, and connectivity. We assess every device, data, and communication process that is connected to your firm. We will develop an overview of your organization’s Information Technology infrastructure as it is today.


We will develop a roadmap of all of the necessary upgrades to hardware, software, firmware, applications, connectivity, databases, and cybersecurity tools that will be necessary to bring your firm into compliance with the CCPA.


We will provide complete installation, training, and oversight of the recommendations we have made. Once the implementation is complete, we will conduct an audit and issue a certificate documenting all the steps your organization has taken to be in full compliance with the CCPA.  NIG will issue a letter documenting all the steps your organization has taken to be in full compliance with the CCPA have been completed.

Policy and Procedures

NIG will create a policy and procedures manual for your organization to use on an ongoing basis for a variety of purposes including; internal training, staff education on best practices for compliance, and how to use the tools we provide to keep your IT infrastructure secure.

On-Going Monitoring & Support

NIG will constantly monitor your network to keep it safe and in compliance. We will address any hardware and software issues. Additionally, perform an annual audit demonstrating your firm is in full compliance with the requirements of the CCPA.

We can do this for your clients too!



Audit and Assessment

Audit & Assessment

We conduct a complete evaluation of all your organization’s I.T. infrastructure including hardware, software, applications, cyber security tools, applications, firmware and IOT etc. This includes all devices, data, and communication processes with a snapshot of CCPA, GDPR, PCI and ADA compliance. Where you are now!

planning & design

Planning & Design

We leverage the deep knowledge and experience of the worlds most advanced solution providers to determine what is the best technology solution for your business. Everything that you need to manage a full I.T. and information security strategy. Complete with 3 year refreshes of all necessary hardware, devices, and IOT. We wrap all hardware, software, and Cyber Security tools into one easy and affordable monthly payment. Where you need to be!

procurement & logistics

Procurement & Logistics

We customize a system that fits the unique needs of your operation, rather than you trying to work around the wrong configuration of logistical setups. We come up with a game plan to order, deliver and implement your new system. We work with you to make the transition as smooth as can be while causing as little interruption to your business operations as possible.

installation & deployment

Installation & Deployment

We physically set up all your new hardware, test, run and update all operating systems, applications, software systems, and firmware. We make sure your cloud and tape back ups are actually working. Your system is set up with the proper surge protection and connectivity. 

manage & support

Manage & Support

We keep in touch with you. We provide security reports at designated intervals to discuss attacks to your network, where they are coming from, the severity etc. We educate your staff on best practices, email, and data management. We make this as simple or as elaborate as your situation requires.

IT disposition

I.T. Disposition

We securely handle the disposition of all your old devices, hard drives, and hardware for recycling. Yes, this means we take out and deal with your old stuff in the proper, green and earth-friendly manner that we can all feel good about!