Pen Testing

Security Assessments as a Service

Security Advisors LLC service offering is a fully-managed, white-glove security assessment and penetration testing service that allows organizations to continuously assess their internal and external cyber risk posture. Algorithms implement assessment methodologies that leverage key principles of industry leading frameworks and real-world experience gained over thousands of hours of testing, allowing for identification and validation of security threats superior to traditional consulting or vulnerability management solutions.

Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests are the de-facto standard technical security assessments across a number of governance regulations and information security frameworks. Once on-boarded, Security Advisors LLC performs continuous internal and external vulnerability scans and penetration tests against the target computing environment. Dedicated reports for executives and C-suite provide actionable intelligence into the organizations security posture while technical reports provide details on vulnerability location and remediation guidance.

Vulnerability Scanning

Identifies host and network-based security issues using a combination of open source and commercial vulnerability scanners. Manual review of raw findings and further host examination is performed to validate results and limit potential false positives.

• Identifies hosts and devices with exploitable security issues

• Identifies missing patches and out-of-date software, allowing for recommended upgrades

• Catalogs known vulnerabilities associated with an open port or running service

Executive and Technical Reports

Provided at the end of every assessment. Reports are specific to your company and provide immediate action items to improve your security posture and resolve critical issues.

Executive reports are targeted for C-suite and senior management, highlighting systemic issues, key findings and an overall rating of the environment’s security posture.

Technical reports are tailored for information security and technology teams, summarizing security issues, remediation strategies and recommendations with proof of concept and examples.

Penetration Testing

Builds upon the vulnerability scans and emulates malicious adversaries attempting to compromise organizational assets; it focuses on gaining unauthorized access to critical data, intellectual property or organizational assets which could affect the confidentiality, integrity and or availability of critical business assets.

Penetration testing focuses on controlled exploitation of vulnerabilities using a combination of tools and exploit methodologies against services and insecure configuration settings identified in the environment. Exploitation and lateral movement is conducted to:

• Offer validation that security controls in the environment are effective and operating as intended

• Emulate real-world intrusion with tailored attacks specific to the environment and infrastructure

• Provide a controlled adversarial simulation of compromise of assets in the environment

Security Assessment