The Network Intelligence 4-Step Methodology

The Network Intelligence Group (NIG) 6-step Framework:
Designed to be the most efficient, cost effective way to convert a client's network and endpoints from being vulnerable to cyber threats to one that is virtually bulletproof from attack utilizing state of the art, AI enhanced cybersecurity tools.

Step 1: Assessment And Discovery Phase

Network Intelligence leads on-site I.T. assessments and location surveys with the client’s appropriate I.T. Network and endpoint managers. We discuss concerns including where we think they are vulnerable and what threat issues they have had from a historical perspective. Network Intelligence Group performs an assessment on every single I.T. device, network software, and configurations. We include a comprehensive list of all security related software currently installed. Network Intelligence Group completes a cybersecurity checklist form with the client’s I.T. team and business unit managers. We then perform a preliminary evaluation of the status of the security of the client’s I.T. systems. Network Intelligence Group then builds a security profile of our client. We review the profile with a select group recognized cybersecurity expert partners based on the unique needs and intricacies of the organization in question. We then select an appropriate suite of AI tools to perform an automated vulnerability analysis of all servers and endpoints on the clients network.

Step 2: Recommendation And Strategy Phase

The Network Intelligence Group then takes the results of this collaboration of experts to the recommendation phase of our process. We select the best suite of tools from one or more solution providers to create the strongest cyber defense system possible, at the lowest cost, while providing the highest value. Both Network Intelligence Group and the selected solution providers then present their findings to the clients following a simple Before and After implementation model. Depending on the size and complexity of the organizations network and number of endpoints, Network Intelligence Group may present to clients a combination of solution providers of both hardware and software strategies. In many cases, these strategies utilize both AI and human monitoring modalities. The clients and our team decide together on the approach that will best suit their needs for the available options under consideration.

Step 3: Implementation Phase

Network Intelligence and the selected AI Cybersecurity solution providers then team up to prepare a detailed Cybersecurity digital transformation plan and agile execution strategy for implementing, configuring, installing and testing the tools. Upon detailed review and qualified expert approval, the plan is executed and installation is commenced. We then test the system and provide appropriate status reports generated from the software and hardware security equipment. The new protection strategies are tested several times to ensure the AI tools are performing to requirements.

Step 4: Monitoring Phase

Network Intelligence network management team then adds the client to our groups established Cybersecurity Network Operations Center (CNOC) and monitors the Client’s systems and networks 24/7 for potential threats. We report and discuss these threats with you. Based on the reports that we provide we continue to make recommendations for changes and upgrades to the system as the risk landscape evolves. We stay proactive and meet with our clients at least quarterly to discuss the current security environment and recommend changes to your cyber security platform as needed.

What sets us apart from other cybersecurity outsourcing firms is our utilization of leading-edge, advanced A/I based software that continuously monitors your network, all endpoints and all access points to proactively prevent attacks from being successful and elimination of false positives.