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Software Development

Would you love to augment your software engineering team with developers who are versed in the latest mobile, cloud dev stacks, Agile, DevOps, and DevSecOps methodology?  Our developers can assist you in developing and implementing software technology that facilitates your needed outcomes.


We provide full-cycle software development services. Our software engineers are well versed in current development stacks and cloud architectures. Our development team offers tailored support at every stage of your development process, helping you deliver your end-to-end custom software project on time, on budget and within scope. Once you’ve outlined your initial requirements, we’ll work with you to validate your product vision and assumptions, then we’ll handle project execution and achieve projected business outcomes. We primarily use an agile product development mythology, with our development teams conducting sprints of iteration after iteration until all functionality use cases are off the backlog list. Our team is proficient in Red Hat Open shift, IBM blue mix, APIs, REST, SOAP, HTTP, UDP, front-end technologies (JavaScript, Node.js, Angular.js, Backbone), relational database systems (e.g., MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle), 0pen data systems (e.g. MongoDB, CassandraDB, CouchDB, Redis).