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Life Sciences & Healthcare

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Incredible breakthroughs in science and human health are driving exponential growth in data and analytics workloads in the course of accelerated scientific discoveries in healthcare.


Network Intelligence Group’s colocation, cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and managed services offerings can be implemented quickly, cost effectively, and securely with our premier NIST 800-53, Tier 5 rated data center partners which provide industry leading scalability, reliability, security and full regulatory compliance built in.

Network Intelligence Group will partner with you to deliver the strategic business outcomes you are seeking, with optimized technology solutions that will accelerate the delivery of your new discovery to the market. Network Intelligence Group has partnered with the leading providers of Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems. Our experts have a deep understanding of the unique needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as they relate to their need to run premier CTMS, EDC solutions, seamlessly integrated with office management and secure, high speed network connectivity to hospitals, clinics, and CROs.

Network Intelligence Group knows how to use Information Technology to accelerate the business outcomes you want to achieve: Delivering your new discovery to the market.

Keeping Current with Compliance
Network Intelligence Group’s compliance teams bundle in support for PII, HIPAA and FDA Title 21-Part 11 regulatory requirements, as part of the solutions we implement along with all appropriate CIS controls. Our solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements.

Cybersecurity and Breech Protection
Staying safe from cyber-attacks is of special concern due to the proprietary research and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) handled in your network. Network Intelligence Group has a suite of optimally architected Cyber defense solutions that effectively seal off your organization’s attack surface (network vulnerabilities) without redundancy and at the lowest possible cost. Our systems include monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery for total reliability.

Fast Adjustments to Capacity and Performance
Keeping up with expanding data sets, genome sequencing and increasing compute workloads is a constant effort. With our cloud, private cloud, and hyper-converged cloud architecture, adding and reallocating compute nodes and additional storage can be stood up quickly, provide maximum flexibility and allows us to design solutions with optimal performance characteristics.
Future Planning and Flexibility
Forecasting demand can be difficult and over and under allocation can be expensive. With our cloud based As A Service solution(s), adjustments to the numbers of users, compute, and storage, can be made quickly – continuously keeping expenditures in line with your needs.